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Travelodge Clearlake

May 28, 2014

ImageImageImage My husband and I love to travel and normally spend around 30 days a year in various hotels/motels. We have traveled to a number of exotic places, including Rome, Shanghai, Cozumel and the Florida Keys. Never in all our travels have we ever seen a room as dirty and poorly maintained as room 209 at the Clearlake Travelodge.
We had a long drive followed by a very busy, hot day at the Lake Renaissance Fair. We checked in and went to our room just long enough to change clothes and then left to tour the lake area. It wasn’t until after we had dinner and it was getting dark that we were able to spend some time in our room.  At first it seemed the problems were just cosmetic; fresh cigarette burns in the sheet and blanket, a broken security lock on the door, holes in the walls with patches that look like they were done by a 5th grader and not even painted, holes in the curtain lining, a swastika scratched into the night stand. The table lamp on one of the night stands was missing a light bulb. When we replaced the bulb it still didn’t work and my husband discovered that not only was the cord cut, but there wasn’t even an outlet to plug it into.
 It was when I went to take a shower that I got some idea how nasty the place really was. The shower curtain was covered in dirty splashes and the shower wall was almost as bad. The inside of the bathroom door looked like it hadn’t been wiped off in years. If the towels and washcloths had been washed, it wasn’t with any bleach.
Because it was late and we were exhausted, we decided to stay the night. The bed was actually pretty comfortable and we slept well. Unfortunately, the sunlight showed more and more grime and we checked out as soon as we could.
Since room 209 was the only one I saw, I can’t speak for the other rooms. Tripadvisor doesn’t give any indication that other people have had this type of experience, so I would guess that the other rooms are better, but I still can’t recommend this motel.